This represents a YAML Document. This node must be a child of Psych::Nodes::Stream. A Psych::Nodes::Document must have one child, and that child may be one of the following:

Read & Write

The version of the YAML document

Read & Write

A list of tag directives for this document

Read & Write

Was this document implicitly created?

Read & Write

Is the end of the document implicit?

Class Methods

Create a new Psych::Nodes::Document object.

version is a list indicating the YAML version. tags_directives is a list of tag directive declarations implicit is a flag indicating whether the document will be implicitly started.


This creates a YAML document object that represents a YAML 1.1 document with one tag directive, and has an implicit start:
  [["!", ",2009:"]],

See Also

See also Psych::Handler#start_document

Instance Methods
No documentation available

Returns the root node. A Document may only have one root node: