This class represents a YAML Mapping.

A Psych::Nodes::Mapping node may have 0 or more children, but must have an even number of children. Here are the valid children a Psych::Nodes::Mapping node may have:



Any Map Style

Block Map Style

Flow Map Style

Read & Write

The optional anchor for this mapping


Read & Write

The optional tag for this mapping

Read & Write

Is this an implicit mapping?

Read & Write

The style of this mapping

Class Methods

Create a new Psych::Nodes::Mapping object.

anchor is the anchor associated with the map or nil. tag is the tag associated with the map or nil. implicit is a boolean indicating whether or not the map was implicitly started. style is an integer indicating the mapping style.

See Also

See also Psych::Handler#start_mapping

Instance Methods
No documentation available