This class represents a YAML Scalar.

This node type is a terminal node and should not have any children.



Any style scalar, the emitter chooses

Plain scalar style

Single quoted style

Double quoted style

Literal style

Folded style

Read & Write

The scalar value

Read & Write

The anchor value (if there is one)


Read & Write

The tag value (if there is one)

Read & Write

Is this a plain scalar?

Read & Write

Is this scalar quoted?

Read & Write

The style of this scalar

Class Methods

Create a new Psych::Nodes::Scalar object.

value is the string value of the scalar anchor is an associated anchor or nil tag is an associated tag or nil plain is a boolean value quoted is a boolean value style is an integer indicating the string style

See Also

See also Psych::Handler#scalar

Instance Methods
No documentation available