The Tuplespace manages access to the tuples it contains, ensuring mutual exclusion requirements are met.

The sec option for the write, take, move, read and notify methods may either be a number of seconds or a Renewer object.

Class Methods

Creates a new TupleSpace. period is used to control how often to look for dead tuples after modifications to the TupleSpace.

If no dead tuples are found period seconds after the last modification, the TupleSpace will stop looking for dead tuples.

Instance Methods
No documentation available

Removes dead tuples.

Moves tuple to port.

Checks the tuplespace to see if it needs cleaning.

Registers for notifications of event. Returns a NotifyTemplateEntry. See NotifyTemplateEntry for examples of how to listen for notifications.

event can be:


A tuple was added


A tuple was taken or moved


A tuple was lost after being overwritten or expiring

The TupleSpace will also notify you of the ‘close’ event when the NotifyTemplateEntry has expired.

Notifies all registered listeners for event of a status change of tuple.

Reads tuple, but does not remove it.

Returns all tuples matching tuple. Does not remove the found tuples.

Creates a thread that scans the tuplespace for expired tuples.

Removes tuple

Adds tuple