A NotifyTemplateEntry is returned by TupleSpace#notify and is notified of TupleSpace changes. You may receive either your subscribed event or the ‘close’ event when iterating over notifications.

See TupleSpace#notify_event for valid notification types.


ts = Rinda::TupleSpace.new
observer = ts.notify 'write', [nil]

Thread.start do
  observer.each { |t| p t }

3.times { |i| ts.write [i] }


['write', [0]]
['write', [1]]
['write', [2]]
Class Methods

Creates a new NotifyTemplateEntry that watches place for +event+s that match tuple.

Instance Methods

Yields event/tuple pairs until this NotifyTemplateEntry expires.

Called by TupleSpace to notify this NotifyTemplateEntry of a new event.

Retrieves a notification. Raises RequestExpiredError when this NotifyTemplateEntry expires.