Resolv::MDNS is a one-shot Multicast DNS (mDNS) resolver. It blindly makes queries to the mDNS addresses without understanding anything about multicast ports.

Information taken form the following places:

  • RFC 6762


Default mDNS Port

Default IPv4 mDNS address

Default IPv6 mDNS address

Default mDNS addresses

Class Methods

Creates a new one-shot Multicast DNS (mDNS) resolver.

config_info can be:


Uses the default mDNS addresses


Must contain :nameserver or :nameserver_port like Resolv::DNS#initialize.

Instance Methods

Iterates over all IP addresses for name retrieved from the mDNS resolver, provided name ends with “local”. If the name does not end in “local” no records will be returned.

name can be a Resolv::DNS::Name or a String. Retrieved addresses will be a Resolv::IPv4 or Resolv::IPv6