Installs a gem along with all its dependencies from local and remote gems.

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Documentation types. For use by the Gem.done_installing hook


Errors from SpecFetcher while searching for remote specifications

List of gems installed by install in alphabetic order

Class Methods

Creates a new installer instance.

Options are:


Alternate repository path to store .gem files in.


:local, :remote, or :both. :local only searches gems in the current directory. :remote searches only gems in Gem::sources. :both searches both.


See Gem::Installer::new.


See Gem::Installer#install.


See Gem::Installer#initialize.


Don’t install any dependencies.


See Gem::Installer#install.


Allow prerelease versions. See install.


See Gem::Installer::new and Gem::Security.




See Gem::Installer::new


See Gem::Installer::new

Instance Methods

Indicated, based on the requested domain, if local gems should be considered.

Indicated, based on the requested domain, if remote gems should be considered.

Installs the gem dep_or_name and all its dependencies. Returns an Array of installed gem specifications.

If the :prerelease option is set and there is a prerelease for dep_or_name the prerelease version will be installed.

Unless explicitly specified as a prerelease dependency, prerelease gems that dep_or_name depend on will not be installed.

If c-1.a depends on b-1 and a-1.a and there is a gem b-1.a available then c-1.a, b-1 and a-1.a will be installed. b-1.a will need to be installed separately.