Utility methods for using the RubyGems API.

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Instance Methods

Add the –key option

Add the –otp option

The API key from the command options or from the user’s configuration.

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The host to connect to either from the RUBYGEMS_HOST environment variable or from the user’s configuration

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Creates an RubyGems API to host and path with the given HTTP method.

If allowed_push_host metadata is present, then it will only allow that host.

Returns true when the user has enabled multifactor authentication from response text and no otp provided by options.

Signs in with the RubyGems API at sign_in_host and sets the rubygems API key.

Retrieves the pre-configured API key key or terminates interaction with an error.

If response is an HTTP Success (2XX) response, yields the response if a block was given or shows the response body to the user.

If the response was not successful, shows an error to the user including the error_prefix and the response body.