YAML::Store provides the same functionality as PStore, except it uses YAML to dump objects instead of Marshal.


require 'yaml/store'

Person = :first_name, :last_name

people = ["Bob", "Smith"),"Mary", "Johnson")]

store = ""

store.transaction do
  store["people"] = people
  store["greeting"] = { "hello" => "world" }

After running the above code, the contents of “” will be:

- !ruby/struct:Person
  first_name: Bob
  last_name: Smith
- !ruby/struct:Person
  first_name: Mary
  last_name: Johnson
  hello: world
Class Methods

Creates a new YAML::Store object, which will store data in file_name. If the file does not already exist, it will be created.

YAML::Store objects are always reentrant. But if thread_safe is set to true, then it will become thread-safe at the cost of a minor performance hit.

Options passed in through yaml_opts will be used when converting the store to YAML via Hash#to_yaml().