An example printer for irb.

It’s much like the standard library PrettyPrint, that shows the value of each expression as it runs.

In order to use this library, you must first require it:

require 'irb/xmp'

Now, you can take advantage of the Object#xmp convenience method.

xmp <<END
  foo = "bar"
  baz = 42
#=> foo = "bar"
#=> baz = 42

You can also create an XMP object, with an optional binding to print expressions in the given binding:

ctx = binding
x = XMP.new ctx
#=> today = "a good day"
  #==>"a good day"
ctx.eval 'today # is what?'
#=> "a good day"
Class Methods

Creates a new XMP object.

The top-level binding or, optional bind parameter will be used when creating the workspace. See WorkSpace.new for more information.

This uses the :XMP prompt mode. See Custom Prompts for more information.

Instance Methods

Evaluates the given exps, for example:

require 'irb/xmp'
x = XMP.new

x.puts '{:a => 1, :b => 2, :c => 3}'
#=> {:a => 1, :b => 2, :c => 3}
  # ==>{:a=>1, :b=>2, :c=>3}
x.puts 'foo = "bar"'
# => foo = "bar"
  # ==>"bar"