Templates are used to match tuples in Rinda.

Instance Methods

Alias for match.

Matches this template against tuple. The tuple must be the same size as the template. An element with a nil value in a template acts as a wildcard, matching any value in the corresponding position in the tuple. Elements of the template match the tuple if the are == or ===.

Template.new([:foo, 5]).match   Tuple.new([:foo, 5]) # => true
Template.new([:foo, nil]).match Tuple.new([:foo, 5]) # => true
Template.new([String]).match    Tuple.new(['hello']) # => true

Template.new([:foo]).match      Tuple.new([:foo, 5]) # => false
Template.new([:foo, 6]).match   Tuple.new([:foo, 5]) # => false
Template.new([:foo, nil]).match Tuple.new([:foo])    # => false
Template.new([:foo, 6]).match   Tuple.new([:foo])    # => false