Class Methods

Create a new Psych::Emitter that writes to io.

Instance Methods

Emit an alias with anchor.

See Psych::Handler#alias

Get the output style, canonical or not.

Set the output style to canonical, or not.

End a document emission with an implicit ending.

See Psych::Handler#end_document

Emit the end of a mapping.

See Psych::Handler#end_mapping

End sequence emission.

See Psych::Handler#end_sequence

End a stream emission

See Psych::Handler#end_stream

Get the indentation level.

Set the indentation level to level. The level must be less than 10 and greater than 1.

Get the preferred line width.

Set the preferred line with to width.

Emit a scalar with value, anchor, tag, and a plain or quoted string type with style.

See Psych::Handler#scalar

Start a document emission with YAML version, tags, and an implicit start.

See Psych::Handler#start_document

Start emitting a YAML map with anchor, tag, an implicit start and end, and style.

See Psych::Handler#start_mapping

Start emitting a sequence with anchor, a tag, implicit sequence start and end, along with style.

See Psych::Handler#start_sequence

Start a stream emission with encoding

See Psych::Handler#start_stream