Gem::DependencyList is used for installing and uninstalling gems in the correct order to avoid conflicts.

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Read & Write

Allows enabling/disabling use of development dependencies

Class Methods

Creates a DependencyList from the current specs.

Creates a new DependencyList. If development is true, development dependencies will be included.

Instance Methods

Count the number of gemspecs in the list specs that are not in ignored.

Adds gemspecs to the dependency list.

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Return a list of the gem specifications in the dependency list, sorted in order so that no gemspec in the list depends on a gemspec earlier in the list.

This is useful when removing gems from a set of installed gems. By removing them in the returned order, you don’t get into as many dependency issues.

If there are circular dependencies (yuck!), then gems will be returned in order until only the circular dependents and anything they reference are left. Then arbitrary gemspecs will be returned until the circular dependency is broken, after which gems will be returned in dependency order again.

Iterator over dependency_order

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Are all the dependencies in the list satisfied?

It is ok to remove a gemspec from the dependency list?

If removing the gemspec creates breaks a currently ok dependency, then it is NOT ok to remove the gemspec.

Removes the gemspec matching full_name from the dependency list

Remove everything in the DependencyList that matches but doesn’t satisfy items in dependencies (a hash of gem names to arrays of dependencies).

Return a hash of predecessors. result[spec] is an Array of gemspecs that have a dependency satisfied by the named gemspec.

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