The Dependency class holds a Gem name and a Gem::Requirement.


Valid dependency types.

Read & Write

Dependency name or regular expression.


Allows you to force this dependency to be a prerelease.

Class Methods

Constructs a dependency with name and requirements. The last argument can optionally be the dependency type, which defaults to :runtime.

Instance Methods

Dependencies are ordered by name.

An alias for =~

Uses this dependency as a pattern to compare to other. This dependency will match if the name matches the other’s name, and other has only an equal version requirement that satisfies this dependency.

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Is this dependency simply asking for the latest version of a gem?

Does this dependency match the specification described by name and version or match spec?

NOTE: Unlike matches_spec? this method does not return true when the version is a prerelease version unless this is a prerelease dependency.

Does this dependency match spec?

NOTE: This is not a convenience method. Unlike match? this method returns true when spec is a prerelease version even if this dependency is not a prerelease dependency.

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Merges the requirements of other into this dependency

Does this dependency require a prerelease?

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What does this dependency require?

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True if the dependency will not always match the latest version.

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Dependency type.