Group is a placeholder Struct for user group database on Unix systems.

The struct contains the following members


contains the name of the group as a String.


contains the encrypted password as a String. An 'x' is returned if password access to the group is not available; an empty string is returned if no password is needed to obtain membership of the group. This is system-dependent.


contains the group’s numeric ID as an integer.


is an Array of Strings containing the short login names of the members of the group.

Class Methods

Iterates for each entry in the /etc/group file if a block is given.

If no block is given, returns the Enumerator.

The code block is passed a Group struct.


require 'etc'

Etc::Group.each {|g|
  puts + ": " + g.mem.join(', ')

Etc::Group.collect {|g|} {|g| !g.mem.empty?}