Object wrapping a reference to a remote drb object.

Method calls on this object are relayed to the remote object that this object is a stub for.

Class Methods

Unmarshall a marshalled DRbObject.

If the referenced object is located within the local server, then the object itself is returned. Otherwise, a new DRbObject is created to act as a stub for the remote referenced object.

Create a new remote object stub.

obj is the (local) object we want to create a stub for. Normally this is nil. uri is the URI of the remote object that this will be a stub for.

Creates a DRb::DRbObject given the reference information to the remote host uri and object ref.

Create a new DRbObject from a URI alone.

Instance Methods

Get the reference of the object, if local.

Get the URI of the remote object.

Marshall this object.

The URI and ref of the object are marshalled.

No documentation available

Routes respond_to? to the referenced remote object.