Represents a gem of name name at version of platform. These wrap the data returned from the indexes.

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Class Methods

Turn an array of [name, version, platform] into an array of NameTuple objects.

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A null NameTuple, ie name=nil, version=0

Turn an array of NameTuple objects back into an array of

name, version, platform


Instance Methods
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Compare with other. Supports another NameTuple or an Array in the [name, version, platform] format.

An alias for ==

Returns the full name (name-version) of this Gem. Platform information is included if it is not the default Ruby platform. This mimics the behavior of Gem::Specification#full_name.

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Indicate if this NameTuple matches the current platform.

Indicate if this NameTuple is for a prerelease version.

Return the name that the gemspec file would be

Convert back to the [name, version, platform] tuple