A Source knows how to list and fetch gems from a RubyGems marshal index.

There are other Source subclasses for installed gems, local gems, the bundler dependency API and so-forth.

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The URI this source will fetch gems from.

Class Methods

Creates a new Source which will use the index located at uri.

Instance Methods

Sources are ordered by installation preference.

Returns the local directory to write uri to.

Downloads spec and writes it to dir. See also Gem::RemoteFetcher#download.

Fetches a specification for the given name_tuple.

Loads type kind of specs fetching from +@uri+ if the on-disk cache is out of date.

type is one of the following:

:released => Return the list of all released specs :latest => Return the list of only the highest version of each gem :prerelease => Return the list of all prerelease only specs

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Returns true when it is possible and safe to update the cache directory.