A representation of a DNS name.

Class Methods

Creates a new DNS name from arg. arg can be:


returns arg.


Creates a new Name.

Instance Methods

True if this name is absolute.

Returns true if other is a subdomain.


domain = Resolv::DNS::Name.create("y.z")
p Resolv::DNS::Name.create("w.x.y.z").subdomain_of?(domain) #=> true
p Resolv::DNS::Name.create("x.y.z").subdomain_of?(domain) #=> true
p Resolv::DNS::Name.create("y.z").subdomain_of?(domain) #=> false
p Resolv::DNS::Name.create("z").subdomain_of?(domain) #=> false
p Resolv::DNS::Name.create("x.y.z.").subdomain_of?(domain) #=> false
p Resolv::DNS::Name.create("w.z").subdomain_of?(domain) #=> false

returns the domain name as a string.

The domain name doesn’t have a trailing dot even if the name object is absolute.


p Resolv::DNS::Name.create("x.y.z.").to_s #=> "x.y.z"
p Resolv::DNS::Name.create("x.y.z").to_s #=> "x.y.z"