This class watches for termination of multiple threads. Basic functionality (wait until specified threads have terminated) can be accessed through the class method ThreadsWait::all_waits. Finer control can be gained using instance methods.


ThreadsWait.all_waits(thr1, thr2, ...) do |t|
  STDERR.puts "Thread #{t} has terminated."

th =,...)
th.next_wait # next one to be done

Returns the array of threads that have not terminated yet.

Class Methods

Waits until all specified threads have terminated. If a block is provided, it is executed for each thread as they terminate.

Creates a ThreadsWait object, specifying the threads to wait on. Non-blocking.

Instance Methods

Waits until all of the specified threads are terminated. If a block is supplied for the method, it is executed for each thread termination.

Raises exceptions in the same manner as next_wait.

Returns true if there are no threads in the pool still running.

Returns true if any thread has terminated and is ready to be collected.

Waits for specified threads to terminate, and returns when one of the threads terminated.

Specifies the threads that this object will wait for, but does not actually wait.

Waits until any of the specified threads has terminated, and returns the one that does.

If there is no thread to wait, raises ErrNoWaitingThread. If nonblock is true, and there is no terminated thread, raises ErrNoFinishedThread.